Tassel Love {DIY}

If you’re anything like me, you love tassels on basically anything! So when we had an “adoption day party” last week for some friends I wanted to make some for the decorations. They turned out awesome so I wanted to share!

Yarn Tassels- DIY

Things you’ll need.

  1. Scissors
  2.  A book or clip board
  3. Yarn

Yarn Tassels- DIY

Wrap the yarn around the book. I didn’t do it a certain amount of times just to when i thought it would be full enough to my liking!

Yarn Tassels- DIYYarn Tassels- DIY

Cut a piece of the yarn. bring it under the rest and then pull it to the top of the book and tie. ( Tie it like a shoes lace just pull one loop all the way through) Double Knot.

Yarn Tassels- DIYYarn Tassels- DIY

Cut it on the opposite end of the book that you tied and it should look something like this! Afterwards cut the ends evenly.

Yarn Tassels- DIY

Once you’ve cut the ends get another piece of yarn and wrap it around the top. ( about 3 times) Then tie a knot! When you are done it should look something like this!

Yarn Tassels- DIYYarn Tassels- DIY

You are done! These are great for parties or to just add a little something extra to a room! I love doing stuff like this in my spare time! Crafts are so fun, plus you can put your own little touch to them!

{If you would like to see more DIY’s or have ideas I love feedback so leave a comment!}

Hope you have a wonderful day!

-Allison xoxo



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